Tuesday, May 12, 2009

this crazy night!

so tonight was quite the weird night. i have been not feeling well at all for the past couple days, but tonight i still feel crappy. anyways, thats not why tonight was crazy. some friends and i decided we were going to go to taco bell at like 1030, so we are walking out to the car when we hear this loud crash. I looked over to see this huge truck pulling at least a 25 foot car hauler side swipe three cars on the street in front of my apartment. so, you would expect this person to stop and leave information, but no!
He ran for it!
So a couple of my buddies jumped in their car and took off after him and i went to see whos cars got hit. two cars of people we dont know got hit, and then my neighbors truck got hit the worst. So back to the two guys that took off, they followed the smoke cause he blew out a tire and caught up to him and called the cops and told them where they were and what happened. Three cop cars showed up and the guy tried to run from them. turns out he was drunk and ran for a couple miles and then decided against it. so, moral of the story is dont mess with king henry apts. we are a tight knit group and if you mess with one of us we will chase you down and call the cops. haha.

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