Sunday, May 3, 2009


Most of people who know me well know I love to go fast on pretty much everything. This includes but is not limited to my longboard. I live very close to seven peaks blvd. here in Provo and my friends and I will frequently board down the hill. Up until recently this has satisfied my need for speed. I have been on a quest to find a bigger, faster hill, well, I found one. While we were looking for one, one of my friends told me about a hill that was very long and very fast so I decided to scope it out. He must be nuts I could easily get going over 60 miles per hour down this hill, and that is even a little too fast for me. So, the quest continued and we were driving through the neighborhoods in the foothills looking for something bigger and faster without a lot of luck. Until we were by the temple, I decided to go down Templeview Drive, it is a steep hill that is very fast and ends at the entrance to the MTC. I proceeded to carve this hill when i realized it was way too rough to be able to make it to the bottom. I knew I had to turn onto the street below the temple or I was going to crash hard. So, as I got closer to the street i started to carve harder to try and scrub off speed then made my attempt at the corner. My board was sliding sideways.... don't worry I was still on it, but needless to say, I'm still looking for my hill.

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