Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Longer than last time...

I have done so much since the last time i blogged. where do i even begin. Since the last time i updated my blog i have been to San Diego, Bonneville Salt Flats and Flaming Gorge.

Lets Start with San Diego, I went to San Diego for the 24th of July weekend and spent a bunch of time with my brother and some of his military buddies, since he is in the military haha. I hadn't seen my brother in about 8 months so it was long overdue. I got there late friday night and was there until Monday morning, if you ask me that is for sure not enough time. I drove down with Pat and we stopped at the worlds largest thermometer in Baker, CA. Quite the site if you ask me, a huge thermometer is about all Baker has to offer besides some gasoline. When we got to San Diego the first night we just hung out at my brothers place in Vista, I was so tired from the drive that I passed out pretty early after watching stupid youtube videos with James for a bit. I would have pictures of this trip but i seem to have misplaced my camera in Pats car and when he left to go to Santa Barbara and then up to Redding, he had it with him, bummer, I know. So, continuing on i had a nice relaxing weekend of playing golf, boogie boarding, and boogie boarding. The drive home was definitely the hardest part of the trip. I did not want to leave at all!

Lets continue on to Bonneville.

I was fortunate enough to go to the Bonneville Salt Flats for Speed Week and watch my Grandpa compete with a brand new car.

I actually got to dabble in helping my Grandpa with some of the work on this car which is awesome.
The car ran great but unfortunately the shift linkage wouldnt work right and he couldnt get it into 3rd gear, also the starter shaft broke, we managed to rig one up out of some parts that some other teams helped us with. One of the reasons I love land speed racing is because its a total grassroots experience, and teams will help other teams where they can if they need it. It makes for an amazing weekend even if you just work on the car all weekend, which i pretty much did, but thats what i love, wrenching.

This leads us into Flaming Gorge!

My Uncle and his family were so awesome and invited me to spend a half week at Flaming Gorge with them in Wyoming. I drove out there on wednesday afternoon. We wrapped things up and headed home friday night; but two days of wake boarding was about all i could handle.

I did a lot of wakeboarding, wake surfing, and some wake skating. My personal opinion is that you cant go wrong when there is the word wake involved with a board of some sort.

Flaming Gorge is so beautiful and i just hoped that i would find some sort of cliff to jump off of and guess what.

I DID!!!

I love Wake Skating!

Sittin in the front of the boat cruisin through a canyon! Could life be better, I THINK NOT!

Thanks Brian and Jenn for the invite and a great time.

that was all between July 12 and now. craziness. Now my life is just boring between work and sleeping and making an attempt at dating i stay quite busy.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

surprise party for madre!

Let me start out by saying how wonderful my mother is. She has always been there for me and has always supported me in all the stupid crap i do, she just insists that i wear a helmet. haha. Next week is my moms 45th bday, i know pretty young to have a 24 and 26 year old kids, another reason she is so amazing. My fantastic sister came up with the idea of throwing a surprise party for her and I quickly agreed. My mom has always been the party thrower, I cant remember the last time we had a party for her, sad right. We quickly rectified this by me, being the sneaky snake that i am jacked a few phone numbers from moms phone, and we were off to a great start. My sister pretty much spear headed this thing, i just sat back and looked good. So, this week has been so hectic because sister and i have had to lie to mom like crazy to get this baby goin. The setup is that her and her friends are goin to dinner and their friday night singles dance, like usual. Little did she know we were lying in wait for her to show up. It was great because my grandparents drove up from Glendale, UT just for the party and my uncle brian and his family came done from Draper. As well as a bunch of her friends ditching the dance all for her, and from what i hear these singles dances are pretty much a big deal, everyone goes. so, to get the turn out we did just shows me how much these people love my mom because of who she is and how charitable she is, my mom has always been one of the first to go out of her way to help someone in need and to just show that she cares for everyone. She has always been a great example to me. Well, back to the party, we just had some hamburgers and hot dogs to cook up and everyone brought drinks and sides. It turned out great, everyone had a good time. Also, a noteworthy thing is that if you could have seen the look on her face i thought she was gonna faint she just stood there with this look on her face like "What the, how the?" it was funny. anyways i better wrap this up. Love you Ma!

Monday, June 29, 2009

undeleting my blog.

So, I deleted my blog for a couple days just to spite Dani. Let me tell you its been fun, but she is constantly nagging me about my blog and the fact that i deleted it. Well, my blog is back. Dani should be happy about it. The reason i deleted it in the first place is because she made a smart alek remark about how my blog is only funny to her, well then i deleted it and she didnt think that was so funny. She in fact stated that she was mad at me, to which i instantly laughed right back at her. anyways, my blog is back.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Long Time....

Its been so long since i posted on my blog, since i;'ve been working full-time i havent really found time to write on this bad boy, but here it goes. This last week has been a pretty crazy busy week for me. I have been working like a mad dog. I also went to Salt Lake twice and Parck City once. So, i have been out and about a lot, all while working forty hours. On thursday i took up a part-time job as an airport shuttle driver for dani. She had her very own chauffeur for a day, she is such a fun girl and the stories she tells me crack me up. such as, "my friend told me this one time, she heard about a girl getting attacked by a guy and all he did was run up and cut her with a knife that had poison on it." I was laughing so hard i could hardly stand it. It turns out that the knife didn't have poison on it, but the poison makes for a much better story. Well, work @ 6a.m.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Job!

So, I started my new job today with the City of Orem, doing park maintenance at the Nielsen's Grove Park on S. Sandhill Road. So far it seems like a great job and I am working with a great group of guys. Today for my first day we went to the Orem City Library and tore out a tree stump. After we tore the stump out we went back to the park and I spent a while doing paper work and learning about the equipment I will be using. At 10 a.m. I had to take a city truck up to the City Center to do orientation, it was quite entertaining, another person also had to do orientation today, so for orientation we had to watch a video about sexual harassment and fill out some paperwork, all of this took about 25 minutes, fastest orientation ever, FANTASTIC!!!
After I finished orientation I was introduced to my new ride, a sweet Kubota RTV 900. This baby is a diesel and has four wheel drive. Pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread!

You know you're jealous!!!
For the rest of the day i drove this bad boy around the park and fixed broken sprinklers. And that was my first day! Pretty sweet huh?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

this crazy night!

so tonight was quite the weird night. i have been not feeling well at all for the past couple days, but tonight i still feel crappy. anyways, thats not why tonight was crazy. some friends and i decided we were going to go to taco bell at like 1030, so we are walking out to the car when we hear this loud crash. I looked over to see this huge truck pulling at least a 25 foot car hauler side swipe three cars on the street in front of my apartment. so, you would expect this person to stop and leave information, but no!
He ran for it!
So a couple of my buddies jumped in their car and took off after him and i went to see whos cars got hit. two cars of people we dont know got hit, and then my neighbors truck got hit the worst. So back to the two guys that took off, they followed the smoke cause he blew out a tire and caught up to him and called the cops and told them where they were and what happened. Three cop cars showed up and the guy tried to run from them. turns out he was drunk and ran for a couple miles and then decided against it. so, moral of the story is dont mess with king henry apts. we are a tight knit group and if you mess with one of us we will chase you down and call the cops. haha.

Monday, May 11, 2009


my roommates think they are so funny. they put a link to a video of me and my good buddy pat up on my facebook page, granted it was really funny. So, me being me couldnt let them get away with that crap. i put a link to a video of them on my facebook page and their pages. I truly enjoy living with the two dudes i live with. we have a two bedroom apt. they share a room and i have my own room. we all live well together, our schedules rarely clash and we all get along great. they are great about cleaning up after me and my mess and i do okay at cleaning up after them. its great we all look out for each other. they are amazing! this is the link to the video for those of you who want to check it out!