Monday, June 29, 2009

undeleting my blog.

So, I deleted my blog for a couple days just to spite Dani. Let me tell you its been fun, but she is constantly nagging me about my blog and the fact that i deleted it. Well, my blog is back. Dani should be happy about it. The reason i deleted it in the first place is because she made a smart alek remark about how my blog is only funny to her, well then i deleted it and she didnt think that was so funny. She in fact stated that she was mad at me, to which i instantly laughed right back at her. anyways, my blog is back.

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Dani Stolworthy said...

hmm.... once again, i might need to tweak a detail or two. For example: constantly nagging you about your blog? give me a break. however, i'm glad you're back in business.

and your countdown just changed from 2-3% completed. you're that much closer to early Christmas number 2, get excited